The league has discussed the following issues/complaints with the venue:

  1. Litter – both on the pitches themselves and the surrounding perimeters of the pitches.  The venue has had to remove large amounts of litter from the pitches and the surrounding areas for at least the past two weeks.  This is unacceptable, there are sufficient numbers of bins to place your rubbish in.  Please respect the facility and other users of the facility, and either pick up your rubbish and take it with you or place in the bins provided.
  2. The venue wishes to remind everyone that the area to the rear of the 3G pitches is not intended for public access.  A number of people are making their way through the gap in the fence, past the long jump and round to the far side of the 3G to spectate.  This area is not intended as a spectator area, and is a main contributor to the litter problem, as well as damaging the rehabilitation work to the grounds in that area.  There are designated viewing areas within the 3G.
  3. When using the restaurant facilities, please remember that if you are staying inside to consume what you have purchased then you must stay in the restaurant/dining area.  The other parts of the school building are not accessible, as is highlighted by the barriers that are in place.  We’ve had complaints about separate incidents last week of footballers running throughout the school with their boots on.  This will obviously causes damage to the carpet and the other surfaces throughout the building.  So, please respect the facilities and remain in the restaurant/dining area to consume your food and drink.

Please take these issues seriously and help address the issues.  Please take these complaints seriously and help address the issues. Should these problems NOT be addressed, then the Russell Foster Youth League runs a very high risk of losing the venue altogether.  If this happens, then it will in fact be the children who ultimately suffer.

Thank You for your kind attention on these matters.

No changes will be made after Sunday 7th February 2016

Please can you confirm your games 7 days prior this includes League and cup games. If you are due to play a league game but are catching up on a Cup game can you please let the team you are to play in the League know that you have a Cup game so this then gives the other team time to arrange a League fixture.

Thank you

The month of March sees the Russell Foster mini-soccer leagues spring cup competitions for girl’s.

The R.F.Y.L. league along with the girl’s mini-soccer teams work very hard to make some very interesting and competitive competitions.

This season’s spring cup competitions are for under 9’s, 10’s & 11’s mini soccer teams (7 a side), all teams new or old interested should contact the league to register their team for what I am sure will be a very interesting football competition.

All interested teams should contact the league by e-mail or telephone 0191 5842120, closing date, Monday 22nd February.

A meeting to formulate the leagues divisions is Wednesday 24th February 7.00p.m. at the Russell Foster League headquarters.

There will be no extra costs for member clubs, £50.00 fees for new teams, with a minimum of 10 weeks football.

The Russell Foster Youth football leagues are once again pleased to announce the following age groups to be hosted with football in the 2016/17 season.

Mini-soccer will be offered to our under 7’s & 8’s (5-a-side), 9’s & 10’s (7-a-side), already with a large number of teams participating, places will still be found for any new teams.

9 v 9 football will also be offered to under 11’s & 12’s teams, this very interesting new game will be offered to teams as a stepping stone before 11-a-side football, teams will be  encouraged to find their own pitch but help will also be given with a central venue if teams require.

The remaining age groups under 13’s, 14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s & 18’s will be offered 11-a-side football

Under 13’s can be played on a Saturday or Sunday, the choice is yours.

All other boys’ leagues age groups (14’s, 15’s, 16’s, 17’s & 18’s) will be played on a Sunday.  Girls football leagues will be played Saturday’s.  This after discussion and requests of schools and facility providers.

The Durham County F.A. is advising all Charter Standard clubs to complete their annual Charter Standard Health Checks as soon as possible.

By completing the check now it could avoid last minute rushes in March.

Club officials, managers and coaches may need to renew their Safeguarding and First Aid certificates and the courses may either not be available or oversubscribed. This could possibly delay your completion and lead to your club losing its Charter Standard.

The benefits of completing the Health Check are

  1. Reduced prices for F.A. approved courses

  2. Provision of a free full set of strips

  3. Free F.A approved footballs

Jack Hall (Charter Standard Officer)

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