As requested at last night’s girls meeting I checked the new rules which are on the web site regarding the duration of play for girls teams.

 It shows a minimum and maximum time.

I suggest we take the maximum time this season becoming more in line with the boys leagues therefore,

Under 11’s & 12’s play 30 minutes,

13’s & 14’s play 35 minutes each way,

15’s & 16’s play 40 minutes each way,

18’s 45 minutes each way.

Mick Clark.

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The league has received several complaints regarding problems at mini-soccer venues...

1) Parking Problems:- There have been several complaints from residents about parking in NON designated areas. We realize the problems involved with parking and the volume of traffic that relates to our mini soccer venues and we would like to appeal to mini soccer teams to make best efforts to 'car pool' to alleviate the strained situations.

2) Pitch Litter:- Complaints have been filed from the venues who have had to clear large amounts of litter from the playing fields following games played. This is unacceptable.  Please can you make sure that the litter is picked up at the end of each session.

3) Spectators On The Pitch:- Venue administrators have reported dozens of spectators on the pitch during the schedule.
This is in direct connection with the Pitch Litter issue, but also organisers and venues alike have witnessed people smoking on the pitches. Please respect the wishes of the venue organisers.

Please take these complaints seriously and help address the issues. Should these problems NOT be addressed, then the Russell Foster Youth League run a very high risk of losing these venues altogether. If this happens, then it will in fact be the children who ultimately suffer.

Thank You for your kind attention on these matters.


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